Anaesthetic errors

Whilst most patients recover from surgery, errors by the anaesthetist during the operation can have long lasting and serious consequences. If you have experienced complications during an operation and have suffered a brain injury, it may be related to an anaesthetic error.

Anaesthesia is used to induce sedation and relieve pain during an operation. The drugs used by an anaesthetist causes everything in the body to slow down and induce unconsciousness. During that time, it is down to the anaesthetist to make sure that their patient's respiratory and cardiac functions are maintained.

A failure to notice changes in a patient's blood pressure, oxygen levels or cardiac function whilst under anaesthetic can have devastating consequences. If cardiac failure occurs, it can take only minutes before a brain injury can occur with devastating consequences.  Our team of lawyers are experienced in advising on this area of negligence having pursued many similar cases in the past.  We understand the impact of a brain injury and how to ensure a successful outcome for you thereby securing damages for your future.

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