Strokes are a medical emergency. We’ve all seen the TV adverts about what to do if someone is showing signs of a stroke and why it is important to get medical attention, fast.

Unfortunately, if not treated in time, or prevented from occurring in the first place, strokes can cause debilitating brain damage by cutting off or reducing the oxygen supply to the brain for a period of time.

Some people are at higher risk of stroke than others, and sometimes claims can arise where a GP or other medical professional has failed to provide the appropriate medication or treatment to a patient that would have prevented a stroke occurring.

Claims are also possible when someone has gone to their GP or hospital with early symptoms of a stroke, and they’ve not been given the necessary tests and treatment in time, or they’ve been diagnosed wrongly and sent away.

Our expert lawyers have helped many clients who have ended up with speech problems, mobility problems and a loss of cognitive and other abilities because of a stroke by successfully proving that medical negligence was the cause, and then obtaining compensation to provide the best rehabilitation available.

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