Surgical complications

Every surgical procedure has risks. These should be explained to you by your doctor or surgeon before you agree to undergo any procedure or operation. No doctor should tell you that surgery is risk free. It is vitally important that you know about the pros and cons of undergoing the surgery so that you are able to make an informed decision about whether you should proceed.  If you are not warned adequately of a potential adverse outcome to surgery and then this arises, we can investigate a potential claim for damages on your behalf and have supported many families who have had the same happen to them.

Unfortunately, mistakes can happen in the operating theatre but occasionally this is due to negligence rather than an inevitable outcome of surgery. If the mistake has caused you or a loved one to suffer a brain injury then your lives will be turned upside down by the impact this will have upon the whole family.  We can support you through an investigation to explore whether you have not been properly informed of a known risk or whether a mistake simply shouldn’t have occurred.  We can help you obtain the right level of compensation in order to transform your life and ease future financial worries.

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