Antenatal problems

Starting a family can be one of the most exciting and happiest times for any woman or couple. It can also be a bit scary because quite often you don’t know what to expect during pregnancy, let alone the birth and thereafter. Because every woman has a different experience of pregnancy, it is hard to know whether what you’re experiencing is completely normal, or not. You put your trust in the medical professionals to protect both you and your unborn baby, but unfortunately sometimes you are let down by the care that you receive.

Unusual bleeding, abnormal pains or reduced fetal movements can sometimes be warning signs that your baby is not doing well. Having a particularly big or little bump is also something that your midwives should watch out for in case your baby is having problems with growth.  Whatever the concerns, the medical professionals responsible for yours and your baby's health have a duty to look out for these things and act upon them. In the cases that they don't, sometimes irreversible damage can be done meaning that your unborn baby is harmed.

If something like the above happened during your pregnancy and you have concerns that things weren't acted upon as they should have been by those caring for you, our solicitors can help you find answers.

Knights’ team of lawyers can also provide advice on whether you have the grounds to make a claim for compensation.

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