Brain haemorrhage

In simple terms, a brain haemorrhage is bleeding on the brain. The bleeding can lead to swelling of the brain, which raises the pressure inside the skull and can damage areas of the brain crucial to all types of function. The results and severity of any impairment is very much dependent upon the location and degree of damage, and how quickly it is treated.

On rare occasions, babies can suffer with bleeding in the brain. It is most common in premature babies, especially those who have experienced respiratory distress or high blood pressure.  Likewise it can be caused by trauma at birth itself.

Sometimes, circumstances at birth, which could have been controlled by the medical professionals, can lead to your baby suffering a brain haemorrhage. In which case, your child may have a claim for compensation. Likewise, even if the brain haemorrhage was unpreventable, there is usually treatment that can be provided to minimise the severity of it. Unfortunately, this is not always provided in time or correctly.

If you have any concerns about the treatment that your child received, which either led to a brain haemorrhage or the treatment received for the haemorrhage itself, then please contact our solicitors to see if we can help you make a claim for compensation.

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