Delay in resuscitation

After experiencing a traumatic labour, all you want to know is that your baby is healthy and okay.  Sometimes due to both preventable and unpreventable circumstances, babies are born in poor condition and occasionally they need a little bit of help to get them breathing by themselves.

The needs of babies and especially new born babies are different from adults and if you have had complications during your labour a specialist doctor, known as a neonatologist, should be there ready to give your baby the help that it needs. That little bit of extra help can lead to full recovery for your baby, but likewise if there is any delay, then this can cause irreversible damage as all the while your baby is not breathing, the brain is being starved of oxygen. The medical professionals looking after you during your labour are aware of this and they should take steps to ensure that all those needed to provide immediate treatment are present if they suspect that your baby may need help to breathe when born. Unfortunately, it doesn't always happen like that. When a baby is not breathing, every minute counts and any delay can have catastrophic consequences. Our solicitors have acted for children who have suffered horrendous brain injuries either because the experienced doctors needed to resuscitate them were not called in time, or the resuscitation methods used were inappropriate.

If you have concerns about a delay in treatment for your baby following birth and would like to discuss this further, then please contact our lawyers so we can explain how we can help you make a claim for compensation.

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