Neonatal care problems

Those early days of your baby’s life are supposed to be magical. But when your little one is kept in hospital, it can be a scary time.

Your baby might need neonatal care for lots of different reasons. If there were complications at birth and your baby needed resuscitation, he or she probably needed intensive care or careful monitoring on the neonatal ward. For babies with problems breathing, whether that’s due to being premature or some other reason, often ventilation or other mechanical methods of helping them to breathe are used. Or it might be an infection, or something nasty like necrotising enterocolitis, that’s kept your baby in hospital, rather than coming home with you.

Whatever the reason, specialist medical care from people trained and experienced in treating babies is needed. If that care is not provided properly, more and sometimes worse complications can result. Our solicitors have helped many families bring claims when errors in neonatal care have caused their baby to suffer a brain injury and to develop cerebral palsy. If you have a similar story, let our lawyers know and we can explain whether your child may be able to make a claim for compensation.

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