Pre eclampsia

Pre eclampsia is a condition that can affect pregnant women. Thought to be a problem with the placenta, it often causes high blood pressure, swollen hands and feet and protein in urine. It needs to be carefully watched. If left to get out of control, it can affect the blood supply and therefore oxygen supply to your baby. That is when brain damage can occur.

It usually starts from around 20 weeks in to pregnancy, and your doctor or midwife should diagnose it and arrange careful monitoring and medication if necessary. If that doesn’t happen, your baby might not grow as much, have breathing problems at birth, or suffer a brain injury.

Having pre eclampsia in pregnancy increases the chance that you will get it again in future pregnancies. All doctors and midwives should take into account what happened in your previous pregnancies when working out what level of maternity care you need.

If you had high blood pressure during your pregnancy, or suspect that you did, and your baby has cerebral palsy, it may be worth finding out if the two are linked. Our solicitors have experience of many similar cases and can help investigate whether you have grounds to make a claim for compensation.

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