Premature birth

Being born prematurely can mean that there is more risk of developing cerebral palsy. But that’s not to say that every baby born early will suffer brain damage. The medical care available now to mothers and their babies means that many of the dangers of being born prematurely are reduced or taken away altogether. At least, they should be.

Many things can cause your baby to arrive early, but when that happens, an even higher standard of medical care is required to make sure things go smoothly. We can’t go into detail about every specific thing that might go wrong, but failing to diagnose an infection, failing to react to bleeding during your pregnancy, or not taking action when your baby is in distress, are common reasons why babies are born prematurely with a brain injury.

If your child was born prematurely and has cerebral palsy, our solicitors can help you to find out whether things should have been done differently. Our lawyers have acted for many families who have been affected by premature birth that has resulted in brain damage, and can offer advice and guidance on how to go about making a claim for compensation.

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