Having twins is an exciting but often daunting time.

You have a lot a preparation to do, because you now need two of everything, instead of one.  But like the increase in nappies, cots, high chairs and baby wipes to mention a few, the care provided by the medical staff looking after you before the babies are born also needs to increase.

Being pregnant with twins brings with it increased risks and a need for a higher level of monitoring  The medical professionals looking after you are aware of this, but unfortunately it is not always provided and complications are not always picked up when they should be.

Our solicitors have been successful in a number of cases, where unfortunately one or both of the twins have been injured, whether this is during pregnancy or the birth itself. A unique complication of carrying twins is 'twin to twin transfusion', where one twin starts to take much more of the blood supply (the 'receiving twin') to the detriment of the other ('the donor twin'). This can result in the donor twin going without the vital oxygen and nutrients it needs to grow, leading to a smaller size and an increased risk of brain injury. If not diagnosed and acted upon soon enough, both babies can be harmed. One of the first signs of 'twin to twin transfusion' is a difference in size and growth rates between the two twins, referred to as a "growth discordance". Your midwives and doctors should be alert to this, and more regular scans may be needed to monitor the situation. If 'twin to twin transfusion' is confirmed, sometimes the twins will need to be delivered by caesarean section as an emergency.

In those cases where timely medical intervention is not given, one or both twins can suffer a brain injury and go on to develop cerebral palsy.

If you have any concerns about the treatment you received whilst pregnant with twins and one or both of your babies have suffered, then please contact our lawyers so we can discuss ways that we can help you, including providing guidance on making a claim for compensation.

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