Vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC) & uterine rupture

"VBAC" - vaginal birth after caesarean or "trial of scar" are the medical terms given to the plan to give birth naturally following a caesarean section in a previous pregnancy. A lot of mothers prefer to try a natural birth when they have had a caesarean section in the past. Doctors tend to say that it is safe to try. However, having a scar from a previous caesarean section can make going into labour a little more risky, both for you and your baby. As your baby grows, it makes the uterus stretch, putting pressure on the scar. When contractions start, the uterus is put under even more strain. Sometimes the scar can tear open causing a uterine rupture. This is a life-threatening situation and the baby will need to be born immediately, usually by caesarean. It can mean that the baby is deprived of vital oxygen, and if not born and resuscitated quickly enough, can suffer permanent brain damage.

Pregnant mothers who have a caesarean scar should be advised about the risk of scar rupture by their doctors or midwives, and also what to look out for so medical attention can be sought urgently. In some cases, the advice isn’t given, or the early signs of bleeding or unusual pain in the abdomen aren’t acted on soon enough by medical staff.

Our solicitors have acted for many children who have suffered devastating brain injuries due to a lack of oxygen following rupture of a previous caesarean scar, helping them obtain the compensation they deserve. Whilst doctors seem very keen on encouraging mothers to try a natural birth following a caesarean, the risks that a scar presents are not always explained, depriving mothers of making an informed choice on how to have their baby. If this results in a uterine rupture, which has caused your baby to suffer a devastating brain injury, and put you through a terrifying and traumatic experience yourself, it might be possible to claim. Our lawyers are on hand to provide assistance on how to go about making a claim.

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