Court of Protection

When someone in the family suffers a brain injury it affects the whole family. One of the most common concerns we hear is what will happen to your brain injured child or relative when you are no longer around. Claims are pursued to ensure that all the care and support needed will be there for life.  However, you will still worry about who will protect your relative and any money they receive in compensation to ensure they are happy and secure for life.

We can recover the costs of putting in place a professional Deputy or Trustee to ensure any compensation is protected. The Court of Protection oversee Deputies to ensure compensation is managed in the persons best interests. Having a Deputy and the Court of Protection involved provides a double layer of security for any compensation recovered and means that entitlement to benefits can be preserved. In some cases a Personal Injury Trust may also be an option. 

We can act as Professional Deputy and Trustee and have the experience and understanding of brain injuries to ensure families are involved, supported and understood throughout the process rather than excluded from decision making. We work with families during the claim process and continue after compensation is received or take over the role from an existing Deputy where the protected party or family would like to change Deputy or Trustee.

Our Court of Protection team specialise in supporting brain injured clients and families throughout the Deputyship process and can:-

  • Act as Deputy for Property and Financial affairs
  • Advise you on setting up a Personal Injury Trust
  • Advise you on the investment and management of finances and compensation
  • Apply for a change of Deputy
  • Make family applications for Health & Welfare Deputy orders
  • Provide advice on Wills & Trusts 
  • Provide welfare benefits advice
  • Guide you on Local Authority support and Direct Payments

The cost of having a Deputy or Trustee by your side can be claimed as part of a compensation claim. This ensures that you have ongoing support and guidance so that any hard won compensation is protected and used to make life and living better for the years to come.

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