For those with disabilities following a brain injury, having the right house with the necessary adaptations is crucial to getting back some independence.  Sometimes, the house just isn’t suitable and a new one needs to be found and adapted.  More space is often needed to store wheelchairs, walking aids or countless other pieces of equipment.  Also, if stairs are now a problem, a one-level property or a lift might be needed.

Special technology to allow curtains to be opened and drawn with a remote control, or the door to automatically open can be installed and many other similar innovations can be installed to maximise independence.

Of course, this all comes at significant cost but a cost which can be claimed from the defendant if your case is successful.  We work with the best housing experts and occupational therapists to find the most suitable house for our clients in an area they want to live in. Most families are happy with their local area and want to stay close to where they have developed a support network. For that reason, we work hard to ensure that only properties within that area are considered, even if they come at greater costs than what might be suitable houses elsewhere.  We are there every step of the way to ensure that things go smoothly, and importantly, that the costs are covered by the compensation.

We have many examples of the great houses that our clients have been ale to buy and adapt, transforming theirs and their families lives – many of them with their own hydrotherapy pools

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