For most people with a brain injury, the cost of paying for care across their lifetime runs in to millions of pounds. Finding the right care is not always easy, but once in place, it can make a huge difference to their quality of life and level of independence.

Whether it is a fully-fledged care package of a team of employed nursing carers, or just a friendly support worker to make days out easier, the costs can be claimed from the Defendant when you’re successful in your brain injury claim.

It is not just about getting enough money, it’s also about making sure your care needs are met with the least intrusion to your family life and is provided by the right type of carers who you will come to know and trust.  We spend a lot of time making sure our clients get the best care available to them, both during the claim by getting interim payments of compensation from the Defendant, and for the rest of their lives once the case is settled.  It is possible, and actually very common, to have the compensation to cover the costs of care paid as annual, tax-free payments for the rest of the brain-injured person’s lifetime.  This provides you with the confidence of knowing that the money will never run out and that it will always be possible to pay for the best care, no matter what. 

Care isn’t always just providing hands on assistance to someone in need, it can also be being a “personal assistant” - organising appointment dates, taking and making telephone calls, dealing with post and all the other “little” tasks that can mount up to become a full-time job.  And we haven’t mentioned yet the emotional ups and downs that follow a brain injury, and the strain it can have on family life.  In addition to getting the right care in place, we can help find you a Case Manager, who is someone who can take over these admin tasks and all of the co-ordinating and organising it can take to look after someone with a brain injury, leaving you and your family to concentrate on being just that, a family.

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