Communication aids

One of the common consequences of brain injury is being unable to speak like you used to, or not developing the ability to speak at all.  The ability to communicate our thoughts, feelings, wants and wishes comes easily and naturally to most of us.  When this is taken away, either because of a brain injury at birth, or by something that happens later on in life, it removes one of the most important functions for our independence, and can result in a lack of confidence, feelings of frustration and depression.

To help overcome these limitations and to try and replace some of this lost independence, a variety of communication aids are available using the latest technology, which can often be claimed as part of your brain injury compensation.  We have clients who have been provided with the latest in eye gaze technology, which empowers them to communicate by controlling a device that will read out what they want to say by tracking the position of their eyes on a screen. There are also more simple devices, such as picture boards, to help clients get across what they want to say. We make sure that our clients get the best expert input about what type of communication aid would benefit them, both now and for the future. 

Sometimes our clients’ ability to communicate can be improved by therapy.  We will always include a claim for the cost of having private speech and language therapy for our clients when their speech is affected by their brain injury. We find this can be one of the most important ways of achieving a little bit more independence, which after all, is what it’s all about.

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