Rehabilitation and therapy

Recovering from a brain injury, or learning what a child born with a brain injury needs, is a slow process – everyone’s needs will be different and will change over time.

Physical or practical rehabilitation may take the form of physiotherapy, speech and language therapy or occupational therapy to help regain lost function and to find ways of adapting to cope with what has been negligently taken away.  Rehabilitation may also come in the form of psychological therapies and counselling to help both the brain injured person, and those around them, come to terms with what’s happened and to find ways to cope.

It can also be more subtle than that.  It can be having the first successful family day out to the zoo, with help of a support worker to take care of the practicalities, or being provided with the latest educational computer software that helps a brain injured child learn to say “mum” for the first time.  All of which can bring back some feeling of ‘normality’.  Financial compensation can never reverse the effects of a brain injury, but it can help to lessen the impact and improve life in the little ways that count, and we ensure our clients get the maximum compensation possible to achieve this.

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