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You might have had legal advice already and been told you have no case.  Or you might even have solicitors on board who have told you they can’t take the case any further, or who you are not sure are doing the best for you.

We can help.  We will be happy to review your case, free of charge, even if other solicitors think it won’t win. Brain injury claims are complex and it is important to have solicitors who know what they’re doing.  

We have been able to succeed in cases that other solicitors have discontinued, simply by reviewing the evidence and asking different questions to the experts. Often this is all it takes, but having the knowledge and the expertise to know which questions to ask is where other less specialist solicitors go wrong. We have the knowledge to know what to look for, and to challenge expert opinions when necessary.  We have taken over brain injury cases from other solicitors who haven’t succeeded, and by being more thorough and thinking harder, have obtained admissions of liability and millions of pounds of compensation for our clients.

Has your claim already settled but you’re not sure if you’ve received enough compensation?  We are happy to look at the files and give you free advice on whether your case should be re-opened. If it turns out that you didn’t get enough compensation, it may be possible to claim against your previous solicitors for under settling your case.  Or if it’s been dropped and we think it shouldn’t have been, we will reopen it for you if time hasn't run out. 

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