We would like to introduce you to Elan.

Elan is currently 9 years old and suffered oxygen starvation at birth. She has spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, gross and fine motor development delay, positional kyphosis and scoliosis of the spine.

Elan is no ordinary little girl and is a real inspiration to number of people. Here is what she had to say, about her recent successes:

Elan, we understand that you enjoy participating in sporting activities.

What is your favourite sport?

My favourite sport has to be horse riding. I love everything about it. I never get bored of being on a horse. Triathlon comes in close behind, but I am still working out how I will do it.

Who first introduced you to sports?

My parents. My family are very sporty. I enjoyed watching my dad and brother doing triathlons and wanted to try it myself. My mum introduced me to ponies and we love doing equestrian stuff together. 
Who is your favourite sportsperson/hero?

Sophie Christiansen. She wins everything she does and is very competitive. I think she is great! 

Well done in competing in the Super Kid Triathlon last month. Was it hard work? From the video footage, you made it look very easy!

Yes it was hard work shouting at Alex my sidekick to go faster haha!!

Are you doing the event again next year?

Definitely. Next year my sidekick Alex has agreed to do the full distance with me.  Also I hope I will win a place on the celebrity team again or have my own team if not! Maybe you could do it with me haha!!

Are you doing any more triathlons?

Yes. I will be doing my club series with Ruthin Tristars that usually starts in May. I will be doing the superhero definitely and maybe I can do one more big one like the Castle triathlon.

What is the next sporting activity/event that you are participating in?

I enjoy competing monthly with ‘Dressage anywhere’ where my tests are filmed. I compete under the RDA section. I won last month! 

I will be working hard towards my RDA regionals and hope I can be classified.

I’m hoping to get a race runner soon to complete my triathlon kit to go with my super Rembrandt bike I’ve named She-ra. 

We know that you love riding. What is the name of your Pony?

I have two ponies, Percy and Magic. Unfortunately, I have now outgrown them and looking for my next dressage pony. The pony I ride at my RDA centre is called Harry and I love him!
Do you help with looking after them?

I do try my best at home and mum has to help me as it’s not very safe for me. I do muck out with mum’s help. I am very good at tack cleaning.

Well done on achieving your first place at the RDA National Championships recently. How did it feel? 

I was shocked! I have only been vaulting a few months and had lovely feedback on my performance.

What is your favourite riding event?

My favourite is show jumping as it’s fast and fun but I know I won’t be able to do it all the time.  I like dressage as I have lots of things to think about to made us look perfect and posh.

Would you like to carry on with your horse riding? 

Yes forever and ever.  It makes me feel free.

Your mum has told us that you met with Claire Balding recently. Is she your favourite celebrity?

I have seen Clare Balding lots of times on TV and she knows lots about equestrian. Claire loves dogs too on Crufts. I’d say she was my favourite presenter.

If you could have one sports person at your next birthday party, who would that be?

Sophie Christiansen if she’s not too busy. She’s very busy being a paralympian. I also love Amy from Heartland. She is in Canada I think. She is an actor but rides horses. 

Why would you have them there?

I would faint if Amy from Heartland turned up. I think Sophie C would love her too! 

Now we understand that you have written a book. Can you tell us what it is about and the reasons that you wrote this?

I wrote my book for ‘show & tell’ at school as I got tired sometimes repeating to everyone what my disability was.  I thought it would be good to educate everybody about my disability. To let them know apart from doing things a bit slower I can do anything.

Were you excited when the BBC interviewed you?

I enjoyed it. I’ve done lots of filming and talking this year!

Do you think you would write another book?

I would like to write about paralympic dressage and maybe it could be about me.

What would you like to do when you are older?

Be a paralympian in dressage or maybe even in ‘race running’. I think I could be a good TV presenter or journalist.  

What is the one piece of advice that you would give to other children your age?

If you are disabled or not, keep trying, be a happy person and don’t give up.

Finally, if you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?

I would like to have the super power of being as fast as lightning because I love being speedy. 

Keep up the hard work Elan and thanks for sharing your experiences with us!